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Checking out our vacancies, are you? Well here’s all you need to know…

Getting to know schuh

Born in Edinburgh in 1981, schuh was launched with a name that no one could pronounce; shoes that no one liked and and a retail experience that no one had seen before. We were different. Our early success was down to celebrating those differences and shaking up the conventional ‘shoe shop’ by challenging the carpeted shop floor, 50 shades of brown, and the toe-pinching world of family run shoe shops.

schuh wasn’t a shoe shop, it was a fashion store that sold shoes. The volume of stock and the variety of colours packed into the smallest spaces created something previously never seen in the footwear market. People soon knew how to pronounce the name, they started loving our shoes and the opportunity to express themselves through what they put on their feet.

Fast forward a few years and we have stores throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands with a phenomenal online business. What hasn’t changed is our independent spirit, our belief and doing things differently and allowing everyone to express themselves through their shoes.

schuh is now recognised as one of the most loved and most innovative retailers around and that’s thanks to all the great people that make us, schuh.

What’s it like to work at schuh?

schuh is filled with sociable, confident and creative individuals who love being part of a team. From our network of stores to our warehouse and head office, a fun and lively work environment (and shoe obsession) runs through all departments. Our team experience opportunities to train and progress within the company surrounded by supportive and friendly colleagues.

So, what do I have to do to work at schuh?

Different roles require different skills but the most important thing is to be confident, hardworking and fun. Check out our current positions and let’s see if we’re a match!

Take a look at what some of our team had to say about working at schuh:

“I really enjoyed my time at schuh. I learned a lot about customer service and how to interact with different people every day. It helped me personally build up more social confidence.”

“I can’t wait to come back after travelling. I have grown as a person in schuh, it wasn’t just a job, it was a second family. It isn’t goodbye, it’s an I’ll see you soon.”

“It was a fantastic place to work. The managers were fair and understanding, hard work was recognised and flexible working really helps while studying.”

“Management was fantastic and I loved every minute of working at schuh. I made amazing friends and would recommend schuh as a good workplace to anyone.”

Did you know we offer apprenticeships within our stores?

The apprenticeship programme is designed for people who are looking to kick- start their career within the retail industry. Each apprentice will be given the opportunity to earn while they learn, gaining valuable work experience to achieve their Retail Apprenticeship.

Check out our current vacancies to see if there are any positions within your area!